Plumber in St Louis, MO

flow king rooter truckHere at Flow King Rooter, we provide top quality plumbing services to you that can’t be beat. When it comes to your home, we know that everything needs to be on the top of its game. That is why we offer emergency care and are available to you to ask questions and get you the repairs that you need at the most convenient time to you. Our technicians have worked hard to get to where they are and they bring the spirit of our company to every job they do. That means that we will always call you when we are on our way so that you are never caught off guard. We also make sure that you understand what we are doing even before we do it so that you have peace of mind that the service will be done right. We try to remain affordable as well because we believe that everyone should have properly working plumbing in their home or commercial building. Our plumbers are trained, certified, and have the experience that you want in your plumber. If you are looking for top quality plumbing in St Louis, , give Flow King Rooter a call today at 314-348-7503 and we will be happy to set you up with an appointment time that works best for you.

Emergency Plumbing Services

We realize that when you have a plumbing emergency, that you need someone that you can count on. That is why we provide emergency services to you whenever you need them. You should not feel alone or be left stranded until regular business hours to get your home working properly again. When you call us, we’ll make sure that we get there as soon as possible and try to instruct you of what to do in the meantime to avoid further damage from happening in your home or commercial building. A few common roofing emergencies that can happen are burst water pipes, leaking pipes or faucets, clogged toilet that may be overflowing, and main line issues. Each of these problems comes with their set of issues and the best thing that you can usually do is to turn off your water until you can get someone out to you. This will help you to avoid water damage and further frustrations that can happen when you are in the middle of a plumbing emergency. Call us at 314-348-7503 and we can get someone out to you right away so that the problem can get resolved and your home will be back up and running in no time at all.

Water Heater Repairs

Water Heater Repairs

water heater

Keep Your Water Heater Up To Date With An Inspection.

The water heater in your home is the way that you get hot water for things like dishes, laundry, and showers. When you don’t have properly working water heaters, it can be frustrating and difficult to get those things finished. A repair is usually something that can be done in one day and when a plumber comes out to your home, they will be able to tell you what is going on and if you will just need a repair or if you will end up needing to replace the entire system. There are several different types of water heaters:

  • Tankless
  • Gas
  • Electric

These different types of water heaters all essentially do the same thing, but they all are able to do it in their own way and each has different benefits of their own.

Plumbing Pump Replacement

A plumbing pump can be a few different things like a sump pump or an ejector pump. These pumps work together with your plumbing system and like water heaters, all do the same basic job, just in a different way. The four most common types of pumps are sump pumps, sewage pumps, well pumps and utility pumps.

  • Tankless Water Heater Installation A tankless water heater heats water only when you need it so that your bill is not any higher than it should be.
  • Propane & Gas Water Heater A gas water heater has a higher upfront cost, but in the long run, it will be able to provide you with lower bills and fast hot water
  • Electric Water Heater An electric water heater is great in any home because the price is affordable and you will get hot water right away.
  • Water Heater Inspection Having your water heater inspected will allow it to stay working properly for as long as possible and avoid major repairs.
  • High Recovery Water Heater Let your water heater do everything for you and get you water fast than ever before while still being energy efficient.
  • Heat Pump Water Heaters If you need a heat pump for your water heater so that even in a power outage, you never have to be without hot water, our pros are here for you.
  • Hot Water Heater Boosters A water heater booster will give you that extra push you want when it comes to your hot water and your water pressure.

Water Leak Repair

Water Leak Repair


A Leaking Pipe Can Be Repaired By a Professional.

A water leak can be very frustrating, especially if it ends up causing damage to your home. There are many different reasons why you could be having a leak in your home. A cracked pipe is something that can cause a leak to occur and even cause major water damage depending on where the pipe is located. A water leak can be something as simple as a loose valve that needs to be tightened or it could be that a pipe has burst and needs to be replaced altogether. No matter what the problem is, the plumbers here at Flow King Rooter are here for you.

Slab Leak Detection

A slab leak may not sound like a big deal, but it is actually something that can be very dangerous to your home. Because slab leaks can be very hard to notice, here are a few ways to know that you could have a slab leak.

Water Pressure – If suddenly your water pressure takes a dip for no sure reason, this could be that you have a slab leak.

High Bill – If for any reason your water bill suddenly seems very high, you should call a plumber because this could be a slab leak or a leak somewhere else and it will only go up.

Wet Floors – Have you noticed that there is a spot of your carpet that is damp? This could mean that you have found where your leak is coming from on your slab.

Yard & Main Water Line Repair

The main water line to your home is very important because it is the main line that all of the water in your home passes through. If it becomes damaged, cracked or bursts, you will want to have it repaired right away or you will surely have water damage and potential flooding as well. The best thing you can do is to turn your water off and call one of our professional plumbers.

Clogged Drain Cleaning

Clogged Drain Cleaning


Clogged Drains Can Burst And Cause Major Damage.

A clogged drain is something that is very common and happens in residential homes all of the time. This is because often times hair, soap scum, and food particles become stuck in the sink drain and end up clogging the drains so that water can no longer go through. It is important for you to know what can and can not be put down your drains and that if you do have a clog, that you need to clean it out before it causes damage to your drains.

Sewer Cleaning Service

When your pipes and sewer becomes clogged, we can do a sewer cleaning service to get your sewer lines cleaned and cleared right away. If your sewer lines become clogged, it can cause things like backups into your home that will push dirty sewer water backup into your house. This means that that dirty water will come out of your faucet, shower head, and even toilet.

Plumbing Camera Line Inspection

When your pipes become clogged or have a problem, it can sometimes be hard to tell what it is or where it is located. Over the years, technology has advanced and we have discovered that one of the best ways to accomplish this task is to use a small camera that is pushed into your lines and can see what is being stuck down there. This is the best way to get both problems fixed as fast as possible.

  • Clogged Shower Drain Cleaning Try to avoid having hair go down your drain by putting a cover over your shower drain and catching the hair that falls in it.
  • Clogged Bathtub Drain Cleaning If your bathtub becomes clogged, it can sometimes be cleared out using chemicals or by pulling the clog out with a metal rod.
  • Clogged Toilet Cleaning A clogged toilet can cause many problems like overflowing onto your floor, but can usually be cleared out quickly by a professional.
  • Clogged Sink Drain Cleaning If your sink drain becomes clogged, one of our expert plumbers will be able to unclog it for you with no problems.
  • Clogged Pipe Cleaning When your pipes become clogged, it is important to make sure that you call a professional plumber to avoid any further damage.

Gas Leak Detection


Know The Signs Of a Gas Leak.

Gas Leak Detection

A gas leak is something that should never be taken lightly. Gas is dangerous to your body and anyone around you, that is why you should know the signs of a gas leak before it is happening to you. Feeling light-headed, nauseous, loss of appetite, and getting headaches, are just a few common signs that you may have a gas leak. If you detect that you have a gas leak or even think it is a possibility, you need to call 911 right away and get yourself and anyone else in your house out as soon as possible. If you notice a gas leak, you should also turn off your gas right away and call a plumber.

  • Gas Line Repair A gas line repair needs to be done right away because gas leaks can be very dangerous and even deadly.
  • Gas Leak Detection Knowing the signs of a gas leak is the first step to gas leak detection and keeping yourself safe from harm.
  • Gas Line Pressure Testing If you need to make sure that your gas lines are running properly, make sure that you have gas line pressure testing done.

Water Filtration Systems

Water Filtration Systems


Give Your Whole Home Clean Water.

Clean water is something that everyone should have in their home. Here at Flow King Rooter, we think that it should be easy and that is why we offer many different types of water cleaning systems that will be able to go into your home. Depending on what you are looking for, there is something for every situation. If you want clean, filtered water throughout your entire home, we can help you with that. If you just want filtered water in one roof or out of one faucet, we can make some recommendations for you that will be effective and keep your family safe with filtered drinking water.

  • Whole House Water Treatment Systems To give your family clean and filtered water all through your home, choose whole house water treatment services.
  • Water Softeners Water softeners are a great way to help with dry skin and to avoid bad hard water spots that happen with hard water.
  • Ozone Water Purification Systems Choosing ozone water purification for your home will be able to keep the bad chemicals from ever reaching your faucet.
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Systems One of the most popular and common choices for water purification is to use reverse osmosis in your home.
  • Carbon Filtration System Carbon filtration systems in your home will stop things like chemicals and toxins from going into your water.
  • Water Acid Neutralizer System Neutralize the acid in your water to keep your water cleaner than ever before and keep your family safe.
  • Well Water Treatment System The water from your well will never be cleaner when you choose to use a water treatment system.
  • City & Drinking Water Treatment Don’t question what is coming from your tap, make sure that your city water is filtered out.
  • Water Purification System It is important that you know what is going into your water and when you use a filtration system, you will.
  • Water Quality Problems Is your water tasting funny and have a strange color? Don’t drink that another day, get a filtration system.
  • Water Filtration Systems Choosing to provide your home with high-quality water is better for you and your health.