Bathroom Repair and Kitchen Repair in St Louis, MO


Call When You Need a Bathroom Repair!

While your plumbing affects many rooms within your home, most plumbing problems originate in the kitchen and bathroom. The Flow King Rooter plumbers can assist you with any problem, from clogged drains to busted pipes. The plumbers on our team are trained, licensed, and experienced in all types of plumbing and will be able to help you with any of your kitchen and bathroom plumbing needs. We specialize in services like kitchen repair and bathroom repair in St Louis, MO. If you are in need of help with bathroom or kitchen repair, give us a call at 314-348-7503!

Plumbing Problems in The Bathroom & Kitchen

Your kitchen and bathroom are at risk of multiple plumbing problems including low water pressure and clogged pipes. Many of these issues are caused by aging, general wear and tear, and even foundation shifts. At Flow King Rooter, we provide a stress-free, convenient plumbing experience with repair services that stand the test of time. Our experts offer all types of kitchen and bathroom repair, from drain cleaning and disposal replacement to fixture and pipe repair. We can additionally help you address low pressure issues, which are often caused by hard water and leave buildup in your pipes and fixtures, faster wear and tear on your pipes, or sometimes, a broken pipe! Contact us today at 314-348-7503 to schedule your bathroom repair or kitchen repair in St Louis, MO.

Bathroom & Kitchen Repair Experts

Your kitchen and bathroom can run a high risk of serious clogs caused by heavy use. When not repaired quickly, these clogs may lead to costly issues like pipe bursts and flooding. Our team will deliver drain cleaning services that help prevent clogged pipes as well as clog removal for your current backups. Broken or cracked tubs, toilets, and sinks are also common issues with household plumbing. Cracked fixtures can trap bacteria and germs while creating ideal spots for leaks to start. These issues should be taken care of as soon as possible to prevent more costly damages. As two of the most frequently used rooms in your home, your kitchen and bathrooms must be kept in proper working order. Speak with the Flow King Rooter experts at 314-348-7503 for any type of kitchen repairs and bathroom repairs in St Louis, MO.

  • Toilet Repair & Installation Don’t leave your toilet not working properly. We will make sure your bathroom is running the way it should be.
  • Fixture Installs & Repair The fixtures in your home don’t have to stay the same, they can be switched out, and we can help.
  • Bathtub & Shower Installation Installing a new shower or tub can change the game of your home and will be able to give you just what you want.
  • Garbage Disposal Repair & Install Your garbage disposal can only do so much, so when it needs to be repaired, we can provide you with that service.
  • Faucet Repair & Install If there is a leaking faucet in your home or one that just won’t work, we can help you get it repaired or replaced.