Directional Drilling Services in St Louis, MO

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We’ll Ensure a Secure Job

Flow King Rooter is here to provide you with a stronger and more durable plumbing system. There may come a time where your pipe materials need to be updated with water line replacement or perhaps new pipelines in general need to be laid out. The right equipment will be necessary during construction and our professionals have the modern machinery to help with directional drilling in St Louis, MO. Expect to have clear pathways to lay down pipes for your property. If you’d like to learn more contact our knowledgeable staff at 314-348-7503 today.

Update Your Plumbing Lines

When it comes to any remodel or construction job in St Louis, it’s required by law to upgrade galvanized or lead pipes to 1 inch K copper. A mainline upgrade will be necessary in order to ensure that your plumbing system is in working order and will be able to withstand the pressures from use for years to come. Our Prairie Dog 700TWG machine will be able to make sure that your property is properly taken care of when new plumbing lines are required.

How It Works

When it comes to installing pipes underground most people think of horizontal directional drilling which is also referred to as directional boring. With directional drilling, you’ll see an advancement from slant or horizontal drilling with a machine that can change the direction and depth several times in one wellbore. This will allow for a more flexible plumbing plan when there are different needs required for a property.

The borehole in which the pipeline, count, or cable are pulled through is typically a crescent or shallow arc. This trenchless technology will be able to smoothly place pipes without impacting the areas above the borehole. You can expect a smoother installation while limiting the environmental impact on your landscaping. This type of machine will ensure that the right distance is being covered accurately in any direction necessary. Our professionals will be able to devise a plan of action that best matches the size, existing connections, and other specifications of your property. Expect to have a well-installed plumbing line with our team of trained professionals.

See how directional drilling in St Louis, MO can be right for your property by giving us a call today.

Technique for directional laying of pipes during operation, dirty

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Flow King Rooter is here to help you with your galvanized plumbing replacement with K copper plumbing at any time. Our trained team understands how to match with your property specifications and needs in order to provide a well functioning plumbing system. When you require directional drilling in St Louis, MO make sure to set an appointment up with our skilled team at 314-348-7503. We look forward to working with you.