Gas Leak Detection Services


Gas Leaks

Gas Leaks Need To Be Taken Very Seriously.

Are you worried about a gas leak around your home? If you notice a sign that you may have a gas leak, you should treat it very seriously. Because natural gas is toxic to humans and highly flammable, gas leaks are better dealt with by a professional promptly. This means that if you can, turn off your gas completely. If you cannot do that, call 911 and then call a plumber right away. Gas leaks happen all of the time and can cause serious health problems and even death if you do not get this taken care of right away. Call the Flow King Rooter experts immediately at 314-348-7503 if you are worried you have a gas leak and want to get it fixed right away.

Dangers of Gas Leaks

Because natural gas is so dangerous to humans, it’s crucial to know how to identify the signs of a gas leak along with what to do if you are concerned that you may have one in your home. If you suspect a gas leak, collect your family and your pets, and exit your home immediately. Natural gas leaks can be detected from the stout rotten egg smell they expel. This odor is put into the gas by gas companies to be a safety signal since this dangerous gas is naturally odorless. Gas leaks can sometimes be heard also, with a strong hissing sound, because the gas is pressurized in the lines. Outside the home, you may notice areas of dead foliage close to where your gas lines lie, or bubbles coming through puddles in the yard. These problems are urgent and should be addressed sooner rather than later!

Gas Leak Prevention

You are able to eliminate some gas leaks simply by regularly maintaining your gas appliances. During maintenance service, your gas line expert can spot wear and tear or damage that can lead to problems and eliminate them. If you are concerned that you could have a gas leak, speak with experts today at 314-348-7503. Our professionals will complete your gas leak detection and emergency repair for your St Louis, MO home so you can be sure your family is safe.