City and Drinking Water Treatment Solutions

city water

Make Sure Your City Water Is Top Quality.

Believe it or not, even city water can contain hazardous impurities that are picked up through travel and even previous treatment. These particles can sometimes be responsible for bad odors and tastes and are able to contribute to some health problems. With so many other things to worry about, there is no reason you should have to worry about is in your water as well. City water should be safe to drink and there are ways to do that. The technicians at Flow King Rooter will provide options for your St Louis, MO home’s city and drinking water treatment that are effective and dependable.

Typical Contaminants in Your Water

Though city water goes through rigorous treatment, travel from the facility to your home presents plenty of opportunity for both organic and inorganic particles to soak into your family’s water. These contaminants can include pesticides, metals, natural toxins like arsenic, and even bio matter like bacteria and viruses. The city’s water treatment system may also leave behind chemical byproducts like chlorine and fluoride. These particles can not only contribute to bad tastes and odors from your water but is also known to cause stains on your clothing and dishes, dry, itchy skin, and even some digestive and kidney issues. Our professionals will perform a comprehensive water quality test to pinpoint and remove all particles within your water supply. Learn more about the contaminants that could be lurking in your family’s water and how to remove it by calling 314-348-7503.

Professional Service for Better City and Drinking Water

If you want more from your water, we can provide the information needed to identify the optimal city and drinking water treatment for your home. We perform a complete water quality assessment to identify your contaminants and provide viable system options for every budget. We will go over your choices, explaining differences between filtration and purification, and will help you decide between a point of use or whole house system. Our knowledgeable technicians can provide repairs and maintenance for all types of treatment system, including filter and part replacement. When you’re looking for reliable city and drinking water treatment solutions in St Louis, MO, call the Flow King Rooter professionals now at 314-348-7503. We deliver the service you need to receive better water in your home.