Cleaning a Clogged Bathtub in St Louis, MO


Keep Your Bathtub Working The Way You Need It To.

Is your home’s bathtub unable to drain because of a stubborn or returning clog? If you live in a home with a few people using the bathtub throughout the week, you understand that clogs aren’t exactly rare. Despite how frequent clogged bathtubs are, many homeowners are not entirely certain of the best techniques to watch out for or repair these problems. There are several tips we would like to pass on to you, but always keep in mind that our expert technicians are perfectly happy to help you fix your clogged bathtub in St Louis, MO and the nearby cities! Call us at 314-348-7503.

Clogged Bathtub Repair

No matter how severe a clogged bathtub drain may seem from above, any size of clog should be taken care of immediately. Many people regard clogs as nothing but a minor annoyance, but the truth is that the problems they can create is severe and costly to fix. If your tub drain is clogging frequently, it could be created by an overabundance of oils, hair, and soap scum building up in the plumbing. As a clog sits there, it catches additional debris until it eventually stops the flow of water completely. At this point, the clog has the possibility to create enough pressure to burst the drainage pipe! After the pipe bursts, you’re facing costly repairs, as well as a lot more work. For that reason, you should always contact a specialist at the first sign of a bathtub clog. At Flow King Rooter, we’re prepared and able to assist you with any of your plumbing worries, especially drain cleaning and repairs.

Bathtub Clogs

As a general rule, it isn’t a smart idea to try to cleanse your own drains, but you can take actions to prevent clogs from occurring. As an example, think about installing a drain guard to the bathtub to prevent excess hair and pieces of soap from slipping into the drain. Many DIY clog removal kits can inflict damage on your fixtures, or potentially make the clog worse. Chemical drain cleaners can take the sheen off of porcelain and tiles, while leaving the majority of the clog still inside your drain. be corrosive to the finish on your bathtub, or potentially damage your pipes, while not even removing the clog! In the hands of the inexperienced, even a plunger can turn a clog into a burst pipe, which is why it is wisest to count on the experts. All in all, focus on prevention, and if a clog shows up anyway, contact the specialists at 314-348-7503 to fix your clogged bathtub drain in St Louis, MO and the nearby communities!