excavation of yard

Access Existing Pipelines Safely

Flow King Rooter provides professional work with every service and is ready to take on your plumbing project! We provide expert plumbing excavation in St Louis, MO for those cases where your existing pipelines needs repairs or replacements. Plumbing excavation is a delicate process that will require a professional plumber to implement in order not to damage lines upon digging. Contact us at 314-348-7503 to learn more.

About Excavation

Pipe excavation typically involves hand digging around existing pipelines. This involves digging around the top, sides, and below the pipeline in order to conduct plumbing services with the pipeline. There are now machines that can be used on top of shovels that can speed the process of excavation, yet the process does require careful handling in order to not rupture or damage the pipe. Due to this, it can take a while to fully excavate a pipeline. Depending on the project, weather conditions, and the company that you go with the length of time may vary.

Speak with our team today about plumbing excavation in St Louis, MO. Have your plumbing lines taken care of by an expert team of plumbers.

Trenchless Plumbing Repairs

When it comes to accessing plumbing lines certain cases may qualify for trenchless access. Trenchless plumbing repairs are great for pipelining needs where only the access points of the line will be dug up. This will have less digging and will save on time and workload. Ask your plumber to see if your particular plumbing needs will qualify for trenchless digging.

Plumbing Inspections

With every plumbing service, it’s recommended to have a plumbing inspection in order to gauge the layout and conditions of your pipeline. It’s a useful tool to have so that the plumber can be familiar with your property specifications and details so that the right materials and protocol can be imparted onto your plumbing system. Get an official report regarding your plumbing lines and get set up with an appointment with our team today.

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Flow King Rooter is a plumbing company that has your best interest in mind when it concerns your plumbing endeavors. Our team is trained and certified to handle a number of plumbing services that will match your property needs. If you have any questions regarding a plumbing excavation in St Louis, MO contact our knowledgeable staff at 314-348-7503 for more information. We look forward to assisting you.