Underground Leak Repair You Can Trust


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As a homeowner, arriving home to a flooded yard is sometimes an inescapable reality. Since your main water line runs through your yard, as well as sprinkler and irrigation pipes, this is often a reality. It’s crucial to be aware of what leads to underground yard leaks, and how to catch one before it turns serious. If you suspect a leak and need underground pipe leak repair throughout St Louis, MO, speak with the Flow King Rooter experts at 314-348-7503 to schedule your consultation. The Flow King Rooter plumbing experts have your home covered, whichever type of plumbing repair you need.

Pipe Leaks in Your Yard

Many different factors can lead to underground pipe leaks like overgrown root systems, shifting foundations, and more. Most of the time, these leaks begin small so it’s hard to identify them until they become serious. These leaks could turn into a costly amount of leaked water in the future. Sudden increases on your water bill are easy ways to notice leaks before they are visible. Sometimes, however, a pipe may break, leaving your entire yard flooded within minutes. When your pipe bursts, fast repair is essential. To alleviate the continuous flow of water, turn off the main water valve to your home. Whether your plumbing is barely leaking or you have a full-blown flood, our plumbing professionals can help. Call us today at 314-348-7503.

Home Water Leak Repair

When you suspect your home could have an underground water leak, or even a leak under your home’s slab, call our professionals first for our leak detection methods. Typically, our plumbers will locate your leak with no use of digging and trenching techniques. We will do everything we can to make sure that we avoid making a mess in your yard. We always respect your home and make sure that you are satisfied with what we are doing before we do it and all while providing the best and most qualified service to you at an affordable price. Our plumbers provide fast and affordable underground water pipe leak repair throughout St Louis, MO, and we deliver emergency repair as well. Call our experts now at 314-348-7503 to begin!