Pressure Tank Installation


Let Us Install Your Next Pressure Tank.

Is the water pressure coming through the taps too low? A variety of different problems could lead to water pressure irregularities, but one of the more likely cause could be an issue with your water pressure tank. Modern water systems rely on two main units, a pump and a pressure tank. The pressure tank sends water throughout the house as you need it, instead of waiting for the pump to start up everytime a faucet is used. Therefore, any issues with this pressure tank can lead to difficulties with having continuous access to the water. When your water pressure is less than ideal, call Flow King Rooter for repairs or pressure tank installation in St Louis, MO. Get more information about pressure tank repairs or installation when you call 314-348-7503!

Solving Pressure Tank Issues

There are many different types of damage that could affect your water pressure tank, if the unit starts to become overheated, waterlogged, or disconnected. The tank requires an air charge to work properly, if it does not have one, it will start short-cycling. If this happens, the tank will power on and off rapidly without ceasing. This scenario has the potential to short out the pressure tank and the pump as well. Our plumbers can make repairs to fix these kinds of problems. However, if your tank is older anyways, a replacement might be the best way to go. Whichever you choose, we are happy to assist you with dependable pressure tank services. In most cases, a bigger pressure tank is considered to be more effective, but we can determine the best option for your needs after a thorough inspection.

Call Us for Pressure Tank Services

If you’d like more information about water pressure tank repair and services, just contact us at 314-348-7503. We have years of experience in the plumbing industry, and we’ve come across nearly every type of plumbing pump or challenge you can imagine. We are experts in all things plumbing and are always happy to help you with any of your plumbing issues that you may have. If you need pressure tank installation in St Louis, MO, or repair services, contact the plumbers at Flow King Rooter.