Professional Sewer Inspection Services

Sewer Inspection

Inspect Your Sewer Line To Keep It Working Properly.

If you have plumbing problems, the single way to repair them is to locate the source of damage. Our technicians are now able to determine the reason for many plumbing issues faster, and with more accuracy, due to the use of new technologies. For cost-effective as well as efficient video sewer inspection in St Louis, MO, clients can now count on the plumbing plumbing at Flow King Rooter! With this method of sewer inspection, our plumbers utilize specially designed video cameras to assess your pipes for signs of damage. Though traditional inspections of the sewer line would call for an excavation and a significant amount of guesswork, the new system saves you money, and delivers an accurate detection of sewer line damages. Give us a call today at 314-348-7503 to set up your inspection!

Why Is Video Sewer Inspection Better?

Your plumbing system carries fresh as well as wastewater to and from your home in a web of complex pipes that make up your system. Previously, we would have had to remove significant areas of the yard to repair the plumbing system if any of the pipes become damaged. Today, to effectively pinpoint the reason for problems, our plumbers can utilize specialized cameras instead! Sewer pipes are not at all invincible and can be harmed by a wide variety of things, from old age to large clogs. With the help of this new technique, plumbers no longer have to perform such expensive and invasive procedures to determine the cause of sewer issues!

Sewer Lateral Repair

In most cases, much of your sewage runs through the sewer lateral line, the line that runs under your property to the city’s main sewer line. This line is considered private property and is the homeowner’s responsibility when it comes to repairs. Whenever you need sewer lateral repair in St Louis, MO, you can always count on the Flow King Rooter team for help. We’ll diagnose the problem with a sewer camera inspection, then make fast, effective repairs. 

We know such repairs can be expensive. You can get help with lateral line repair through the City of St. Louis Sewer Lateral Repair Program. Find out more about this program by contacting the city’s street department.

Technicians Your Family Can Count On

At Flow King Rooter, we are dedicated to offering high-quality plumbing services with top of the line customer service. We provide a variety of plumbing services to pick from, and all of our plumbers are fully trained and insured. Our plumbers are up to any challenge, and after years of seeing just about anything that can go haywire with a plumbing system, we have the expertise you can rely on. For an expert and cost-effective video sewer inspection in St Louis, MO, call on our professional plumbers at 314-348-7503. Our technicians are happy to supply our clients with all sorts of plumbing repair and replacement requirements, as well as new installations. After years of servicing this community, we look forward to helping your home with expert plumbing services as well.