Sewer Lateral Repair

the top layer of pipework, after the membrane, sand and gravel had been applied, during the construction of a sand and gravel drainage system

Have Your Lateral Lines Repaired

Having problems with your sewer lines? Flow King Rooter provides professional services with sewer lateral repair in St Louis, MO. Our team is trained and certified to inspect and repair a number of sewer line conditions. No matter if the issue is big or small our team provides secure and long-lasting changes. Call us our helpful; at 314-348-7503 today to get started.

What is a Sewer Lateral Line?

In most cases, much of your sewage runs through the sewer lateral line, the line that runs under your property to the city’s main sewer line. This line is considered private property and is the homeowner’s responsibility when it comes to repairs. In certain cases, however, you may be able to get assistance with the city of St. Louis’s sewer lateral program. In any case, it will be a requirement to get your sewer line inspected by a licensed plumber in the city for an official report on damages.

Get Help With the City’s Sewer Lateral Program Iniative

The city’s sewer later program was created to help homeowners with pipe repairs that are under the public right of way section of the sewer line.

  • It does not cover breaks in the portion of the lateral line that runs under private property.
  • It does not cover clearance of clogs/tree roots along ANY portion of the lateral line.

sewer lateral repair in St Louis, MO

If our team of plumbers determines there is a break under the right of way, submit your plumber’s statement by mail, email, or fax listed on the official government site listed below.

Sewer Lateral Program in St. Louis government site

24/7 Emergency Repairs

If you’re experiencing an emergency with your sewer lines like backed up lines or leaks we’ve got you covered. We’ve made a point to have our phone lines open 24/7 so that a professional plumber can be sent out to inspect your property as soon as possible. No matter if it’s night or day we’re here for you.

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Flow King Rooter is a professional plumbing company that is ready to get your lines back in working order. When you require assistance with sewer lateral repair in St Louis, MO contact our team at 314-348-7503. We’re here to help with any of your questions or concerns regarding your sewer line and are your resource for repairs. Call today.