Experienced Trenchless Pipe Lining


If Your Pipes Look Like This, It’s Time For a Relining.

Historically, underground pipe damages meant costly equipment and digging along with large plumbing teams. In modern times, most underground pipes can be repaired with trenchless techniques like pipe lining, or for more extensive damage, pipe bursting. Our experts deliver trenchless pipe lining and bursting throughout St Louis, MO so you can be sure you’re getting dependable, affordable repairs for your underground pipes. Call our experts today at 314-348-7503 to find out more about trenchless pipe lining.

What is Trenchless Pipe Lining?

Previous repair techniques for your underground pipes required invasive service, but innovative new methods provide a more remote alternative. Our plumbers will use cameras to identify your pipe damage and to assess the work required. Our technicians will repair your damaged pipe by inserting a specialized lining to reinforce your damaged area. The protective lining adheres to your pipe for a totally leak-proof seal. Get more details on the trenchless pipe lining procedure or set up your appointment when you call 314-348-7503. We are always happy to go over each step with you and show you pictures of how this process works. We want to make this as easy as possible for you so that you are confident in each step, of our process.

Advantages of Trenchless Repair

Even the most well-groomed yard can be easily destroyed by trenching to repair damaged water lines. Deep ditches and areas of ransacked grass and mud are all that’s left in the once decadent landscape. If you employ a trenchless pipe lining technique for your home’s damaged pipe, your yard is left in good condition and with little to no disruption to grass, flowers, and foliage. Trenchless repair provides the same dependable, long-lasting durability that past trenching methods offer, but with no inconvenient and stressful post-landscaping. These non-trenching techniques can also shorten the time your family must be without water at the home. Call us to get more information about the benefits of trenchless pipe repair in St Louis, MO, and how it can save you money. Don’t let underground pipe damage cause you a hassle. The Flow King Rooter experts are able to repair your pipe quickly and efficiently using trenchless pipelining, provided throughout this area. Call us now at 314-348-7503 to schedule yours.