High Recovery Water Heater Services

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High Recovery Water Heaters Are Cost Effective.

Odds are, know the frustration that running out of hot water mid-shower causes. For more hot water when you need it, high recovery water heaters provide optimal reheating levels. Let the Flow King Rooter experts give you the information you need to decide whether a high recovery water heater is right for your St Louis, MO home. Call 314-348-7503 now to speak with our experts about your hot water heater choices.

Why Install a High Recovery Water Heater?

High recovery water heaters provide many more benefits than more efficient hot water recovery. These water heater units are offered for electric and gas unit setups, and can deliver more effective performance than a standard unit. Gas units implement increased BTU input to more effectively recover your hot water. Electric units deliver more efficient water recovery by utilizing two smaller heating elements instead of one large element. Since these units effectively provide hot water recovery to your family, your model doesn’t need to be as large as a traditional system, saving you upfront cost. Find out more about the advantages that a high recovery water heater is able to provide by speaking with our experts at 314-348-7503.

Convenient, Affordable Installation and Repair

Our plumbing experts can provide the information you need to come to the best decision for your home’s water heater. We can go over your system choices as well as costs, performance, and lifespan to ensure you get the water heater you want. Our team delivers complete installation of your high recovery water heater, including the removal of your old water heater, pre-installation needs such as ventilation adjustment or pipe retrofitting, and complete installation and connection of your new system. Our experienced plumbing team can also provide full repair of your system, including its unique heating system, oversized ventilation system, and specialized input design. Speak with our technicians today to schedule your high recovery water heater installation or repair around in the area.

When your St Louis, MO home’s high recovery water heater is in need of service, the Flow King Rooter experts are ready to help. We can offer the skilled service you’ve been looking for to get your hot water heater going again quickly. Whether you’re looking for replacement or repair, our technicians are able to provide quick, hassle-free service. Learn more about your options or schedule an appointment when you call 314-348-7503 today.