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Let Us Give You Clean Drinkable Water.

You expect nothing less than the best when it comes to your home’s water. However, whether you have city or well water, you may be harboring hundreds of contaminants without knowing it. At Flow King Rooter, we identify your water’s impurities and deliver realistic advice on helpful systems for contaminant elimination. If you need water treatment around St Louis, MO that’s effective and reliable, call the Flow King Rooter experts now.

The Contents of Your Water

Your water could be contaminated with particles like naturally occurring metals and toxins such as lead and arsenic, biomatter such as bacteria and viruses, and also chemicals like pesticides. These contaminants may lead to many more problems than just funny tastes and odors, such as dry, itchy skin, stains on your clothes, dishes, and fixtures, and even respiratory and kidney problems. Find out exactly what’s hiding in your water supply and the ways you can remove it easily with effective water treatment by calling 314-348-7503 now.

You Have Water Treatment Choices

There are multiple systems that you are able to select from when you want cleaner water in your home. Point of use models offer focused treatment for one faucet, while more costly point of entry styles deliver healthier water to your entire home. Each system provides optimal cleaning, and will eliminate contaminants that can lead to bad tastes, funny smells, and also health problems. We help you select the ideal system for you by delivering the details you need for every style. Our experts will additionally help you choose whether filtration or purification will be most beneficial for your home. To find out about your treatment options, or to discover which system is best for your home, call our experts at your convenience.

You want your family’s water to be clean, safe, and healthy. The Flow King Rooter technicians are ready to deliver the information and service you need to provide your family with the best water possible. We provide effective treatments for every type of water system and will help you find the ideal filtration or purification unit for your needs. Speak with the Flow King Rooter technicians at 314-348-7503 if you’re looking for a reliable water treatment company that serves St Louis, MO.

  • Whole House Water Treatment Keep your entire house filled with clean and filtrated water so that you never have to worry about what is in your water.
  • Water Softeners Water softeners will be able to give you soft skin and help you to avoid water spots on your shower and dishes.
  • Ozone Water Purification Choose an ozone water purification system to get the water in your home clean and free of toxins.
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Systems Reverse osmosis is one of the best ways to have your water filtered and give you fresh clean drinking water.
  • Carbon Filtration Systems A carbon filtration system uses carbon technology to filter and catch all of the bad things in your water, before it leaves your faucet.
  • Water Acid Neutralizer System Neutralize all of the acid in your home’s water and give yourself the gift of clean water.
  • Well Water Treatment System The water that comes out of your well should be clean and drinkable so that it can be used.
  • City & Drinking Water Treatment Do you know what is in your city’s drinking water? Consider a city water treatment drinking system.
  • Water Purification System The water in your home should always be clean and free of toxins and chemicals so that you can feel safe.
  • Water Quality Problems Is your homes water quality poor and you can taste it? We can help fix that problem.
  • Water Filtration Systems A water filtration system in your home could mean cleaner and healthier water for you and your family.