What Not To Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal in your home is a great tool, but unlike popular belief, it is not a destroy all for your home. There are actually many things you cannot put down it and if you can avoid it, don’t put much of anything down there. The reason for this is because it can get clogged and over time and time again, it will do this. Knowing what you can and can’t put in your garbage disposal is the key to making sure your home is clear of clogs and also, that you don’t have to have a plumber come out and replace your garbage disposal because it was broken by something that was thrown down in there.


Know What You Can’t Throw Into Your Garbage Disposal.

Don’t Put These In Your Garbage Disposal

Bones – I hope this goes without saying, but we have seen it before and i’m sure we will see it again. The bones from your meat will not shred away by throwing them down your drain and tossing a switch. Use your trash can for this.

Rice – Rice absorbs water and it may disappear when you put it in there, but once it begins to collect water, it will expand and it can actually create a really serious block in your pipes.

Oil – Oil is the same way and will end up adding to the clogs in your sink.

Coffee Grounds – These are very small but grainy and because of that, they will just spin around and around and never go anywhere.

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