Well Pump Repair & Installation

Well Pump

Get Rid Of Your Clogs With a Well Pump Repair.

One of the most important components of your home’s well water delivery system is its well pump. When your well pump malfunctions, it can cause your home to be without water, or leaks and clogging throughout your water pipes. Our master plumbers have the experience and know-how to deliver unbeatable well pump repair and installation around the area. Call 314-348-7503 to get more information about our well pump repair or installation in St Louis, MO, or to ask about our other plumbing services.

Well Pump Basics

Your well water system utilizes the well pump to bring water from the ground and pump it to your home. Depending on your well’s depth, there are multiple types of well pump. Our experts will deliver detailed information on all of your well pump options for your installation or replacement so you know you’re receiving the product you’re looking for.

Shallow Pump Systems: These well pumps are great for wells that are 25’ feet or less, and are located in a pump housing instead of being placed in the well. Shallow pumps also work well with added components supplemental components such as booster pump for increased PSI and an overload protector to increase resistance against motor burnout.

Deep Well Pump Systems: These pumps, ideal for wells between 90’ and 300’, are installed in the well. They are available in two type choices, the 2-wire and the 3-wire version. 2-wire models are simpler and less expensive to install, but 3-wire styles have an extra wire that allows the control panel to be mounted at the top of the well for easier maintenance.

Convertible Pump Systems: Utilized in wells with fluctuating water levels, these pumps come in two types, as well. 0-25’ well-depths are ideally pumped using a jet nozzle converticle pump, while the ejector assembly pump is ideal for depths of 25-90’. Both variations utilize natural pressure to produce a vacuum that draws out your water.

Well Pump Repair Service

Whether your pump has slowed or stopped working completely, our technicians can identify the issue to get your water back in business fast. We offer real solutions that are cost-effective and dependable. When you’re looking for accurate, convenient well pump repair, contact our expert plumbing team for knowledgeable repair service that’s affordable and dependable.

Whatever type of service you’re looking for for your well pump, our plumbers are up to the task. Our professionals deliver unrivaled workmanship along with superior customer care for well service you won’t forget. Call 314-348-7503 to find out how the Flow King Rooter plumbers are able to deliver complete well pump service throughout St Louis, MO.