Water Acid Neutralizers

When your home relies on well water, natural occurrences like photosynthesis can leave your water with a high acid level. High acid levels in your water may lead to issues like stains, bad tastes, and even corroded pipes. Eliminate these problems in your system when you install a water acid neutralizer to neutralize your water’s acid. Call the Flow King Rooter professionals today at 314-348-7503 to discuss all of your water neutralizer options in the St Louis, MO area. We are here to make sure that all of your questions are answered and you have peace of mind.

Multiple System Choices

Water Acid Neutralizer

Choose a water Acid Neutralizer For Your Home.

As water passes through soil and sediment, it attracts particles that may affect its look, taste, and even pH balance. Issues like stained clothing and fixtures, sour tastes, and even corroded pipes are products of water with a high acid content. Luckily, water acid neutralizers can be used to deliver pH balanced water that is free of alkaline and sour tastes. These neutralizers can be found in two versions, calcite and proportional, both of which has their own advantages. Call us to find out about your options and find the best water acid neutralizer for your home.

Calcite Neutralizer Options

The calcite neutralizer system is a popular type of water neutralizer and works with a calcium carbonate compound to deliver pH balance to your water. Even though these types are extremely affordable acid neutralization systems, they require backwash services to be completed regularly to keep buildup and debris from harming your system. Although calcite-water neutralizers are known to lead to hard water, a softener can prevent problems.

Proportional pH Neutralizers

These injector-driven neutralizers deliver effective pH balance for your water with no calcium that leads to hard water. While these systems don’t need to be backwashed, they do use an  injector and sensors to deliver an ash neutralizer compound, so there are more parts to maintain. Have less acidic water for your home. Our professionals can provide the details and knowledge you need to get rid of acidic water in your home for good. Call the Flow King Rooter professionals now at 314-348-7503 to find out about the water acid neutralizers that will work best in your St Louis, MO home.