The Best in Ozone Water Purification

For unbeatable home water purification, consider all the advantages of ozonation. These systems can efficiently purify your water without the use of chemicals that can leave behind byproducts such as chlorine. To learn the ways ozone water purification can help in your St Louis, MO home, contact the Flow King Rooter professionals at 314-348-7503.

Ozone Water Purification 101


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No matter if you have well or city water, it could be full of contaminants picked up from pipe leaks and seeping groundwater or can even be left behind from past water treatment. Ozonation in your water is accomplished through the use of an ozone generator that uses UV lights to compress passing oxygen to create the O3 (Ozone) compound. This new ozone in turn attract the contaminant matter and remove it using a carbon filter. Ozonation is one of the only methods that doesn’t just rid your water of metals, minerals, and chemicals, but can also remove bacteria, allergens, and even viruses. Available in both under the sink and point of entry varieties, these systems provide both efficiency and affordability. Contact the Flow King Rooter technicians to discover how ozone water purification can help your home to have purer, better water.

Your Ozone Water Purification Installation

Our professionals’ technicians can complete a full water test to pinpoint the types and concentrations of your water’s foreign particles. Our experts can go over your ozone water purification options such as system types, follow-up filtration selections, and pricing to ensure that you end up with the exact product you’re looking for. Our convenient installation helps you rest assured that your system provides excellent water quality, right from the start. Contact our experts today by calling to set up your service.

If you’re looking for a more effective way to provide your home with purified water, ask the Flow King Rooter experts about ozone water purification, offered all over St Louis, MO. We offer the details and service it takes to get the perfect purification system for your family. Let us help you in any way we can and answer the questions that you have been wondering about to make the final decision to change your water in your home. Call us now at 314-348-7503 to find out more or to schedule your appointment.