Eliminate Poor Water Quality in Your Home


Do You Know What You Are Drinking?

Within your home, your water is used in every activity from cleaning to drinking. But when your home’s water is contaminated, you could be in for off-putting smells and tastes, cloudiness, and even health problems when it’s drank. The Flow King Rooter experts can deliver comprehensive water quality testing at your St Louis, MO home so you know that your water is free from problem causing particles. Contact us today at 314-348-7503 if you suspect water quality deficiencies around St Louis, MO for a comprehensive water quality test performed by the Flow King Rooter technicians.

What Are You Drinking?

No matter if your home is supplied with well water or city water, your water supply could be home to hundreds of contaminants that can lead to a plethora of issues. Particles such as chlorine, remaining from most water treatment sites, can contribute to some health problems as well as lending to a bad taste in your water. Metals, bacteria, and other contaminants are picked up inside your water pipes or from your well, and lead to bad tasting or smelling water along with multiple health issues. Minerals like calcium are additionally swept up and can lead to problems like buildup on your fixtures and dry, itchy skin. Fortunately, water filtration and purification systems can rid your water of harmful contaminants to leave your water pure and healthy. Our professionals can test your home’s water quality and offer you advice on the ideal system for your needs. Dial 314-348-7503 today to find out more about water quality testing and the ways it can help you.

Experienced Water Tests

Make sure your loved ones have the best water available. Our experts complete your home’s water quality test quickly and with no hassle to you, and offer realistic options that are effective and cost-efficient. We want to make this as easy as possible for you because we believe that everyone should have clean water offered to them. We can go through your options to get clean water as well so that you can see what would work best for your home. Call us today at 314-348-7503 to find out more about water quality testing around St Louis, MO and start the process to cleaner water.