Reverse Osmosis Water Systems


If You Want Clean Water, Call Us.

Have you noticed a strange taste or smell coming from your home’s water? Odds are, your water is home to multiple contaminants that are contributing to your poor water quality and can also be promoting health issues. Reverse osmosis water purification systems utilize a multistage process that filters and cleans your water, delivering the best taste, color, and health benefits. Find out the ways a reverse osmosis water system can improve your St Louis, MO home’s water immediately by calling the Flow King Rooter technicians at 314-348-7503.

What is Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment?

No matter if you use well water or city water, you could have particles like arsenic, mercury, lead, and more in your water. By using a system of filters and a semipermeable membrane, a reverse osmosis water system removes harmful and unwanted particles from your water. Water begins by passing through a prefilter which blocks large sediment to protect against system clogs, and then is pushed through a more powerful carbon filter to begin the treatment process. Next, your water passes through the semipermeable membrane to remove dangerous metals like copper, pesticides, treatment byproducts, and more. Your water enters a final carbon filter that ensures the complete removal of bad tasting and smelling particles before you use it.

Expert Reverse Osmosis System Installation

If you need higher water quality for your home, the Flow King Rooter professionals can help. Our experts can perform a complete water quality test to determine your specific needs and discuss realistic water purification solutions for your family. Our professionals will install the perfect system for you, whether you’re looking for focused treatment that purifies water from a single faucet or you want whole house purification. From installation to repair and maintenance, our experts provide exceptional reverse osmosis treatment services that keep your water fresh and healthy. When you want a water purification system that removes hazardous contaminants, ask about a reverse osmosis water system. Call the Flow King Rooter experts today at 314-348-7503 to get more information about how a reverse osmosis system can improve your St Louis, MO home’s water.