Your Home Water Purification Options

Water Purification System

Keep Your Water As Clean As Possible.

No matter what style of water delivery your home uses, it may be housing hazardous contaminants, even after thorough water treatment. Home water purification systems remove all toxins, bacteria, chemicals, and even viruses from your water supply so you know that your family’s water is safe and clean. Available in both pint of entry and under the sink styles, these systems provide superior water. When you’re not sure which of the home purification systems will provide the most benefits for your St Louis, MO home, call our technicians for help at 314-348-7503.

Hazardous Particles Hiding in Your Water

Even after municipal water treatment, your water supply could be home to contaminants such as pesticides, metals, and poisons. These contaminants enter your system through methods like leaky transfer pipes or ground seepage and can cause breathing and allergy problems, and skin irritation along with serious concerns like digestion problems and bladder issues. Your water may also house various viruses, bacteria, and toxins that can make you sick. Water quality evaluations can provide accurate details about the type and saturation level of each contaminant in your water. The Flow King Rooter technicians can help you choose between the home water purification systems to find the best solution for your home when you call us today.

Water Filtration vs. Water Purification

Chemicals, toxins, and many metals can be removed from your water using a water filtration system, but for removal of viruses and bacteria, only a water purification treatment will suffice. Water filter systems provide better tasting, cleaner water by using a filter or system of filters to remove large particles from your supply. Home water purification systems use processes like reverse osmosis and ozonation to provide full purification of your water using a series of reactions and filtration processes. Reverse osmosis systems use a series of carbon filters together with a semipermeable membrane to completely remove all toxins, parasites, and viruses from your water. Ozonation applies an extra oxygen molecule to create a reaction that attracts and removes all foreign particles from your water including viruses, toxins, and bacteria. To learn more about home water purification systems offered throughout St Louis, MO, call the Flow King Rooter experts now at 314-348-7503. Home water purification systems can deliver the ultimate in water treatment. Call us to find out about the home water purification systems available around you.